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You need the best SEO company for Shopify stores or top Shopify SEO expert or freelancers if you want to grow your organic traffic, create authority with links, and boost conversions by having your online business or ecommerce website appear on the first page of Google and other search engines using shopify platform for ecommerce. I can’t guarantee you’ll see results for every keyword, but I can get you started in the right direction.


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Are you looking for SEO company for your Shopify eCommerce stores

If you want your Shopify online store to rank highly in search engines and receive a steady flow of organic visitors, you need to invest in Shopify marketing. Using Shopify’s SEO services, you may reach a global audience with your wares. If you hire a trustworthy Shopify SEO business or specialist, like me and my colleagues, you may increase your brand’s authority, draw in qualified leads, and close more sales. Get in touch with a Shopify SEO specialist right away to begin seeing results from your Shopify SEO efforts.

Get More Traffic, More Leads And Sales for Your Shopify Store


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Hire Shopify's top SEO consultant and expert for peace of mind in your marketing strategy.

For over a decade, we have been leading the SEO industry as experts in Shopify SEO services that increase visibility, engagement, and conversions for Shopify ecommerce stores. We are committed to optimizing your Shopify store for search engines, and we employ tried-and-true methods and SEO practices that get results. We’re excited to talk with you about your marketing plans.

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Boost organic new user acquisition with a strategic SEO campaign


A targeted campaign that increases organic impressions and clicks.

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An increase in the total number of leads via traffic derived from organic search results

Hi there! Nice to meet you! 450% increase in organic traffic

I am Musah, Freelance SEO Specialist for Shopify Stores

As an SEO specialist with extensive experience working with Shopify businesses, I provide some of the best Shopify services available to SMEs in the German, American, British, Canadian, and Australian markets.

After working in shopify SEO for more than a decade, I’ve mastered the art of driving more visitors to a website, getting more qualified leads, and ultimately making more sales. My many years of experience, expertise, and hard work have benefited hundreds of firms across dozens of industries.

To make sure that buyers looking for products like yours can easily find you at the top of the shopify market and to help you avoid a Google penalty, I offer my services as an SEO expert.

You have everything you need to achieve your business objectives and improve your company’s internet reputation. Please get in touch with us at any time if you have any concerns or queries.

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Result-Oriented SEO Services


That is to say, trademarks are quite popular with search engines. Maybe you might think about having us construct and upgrade yours.



Have unflattering results come up when people searched for you or your company online? As specialists in SEO, we can provide assistance.



More than just stringing words together, there is a lot more that goes into making content that will perform well for both search engines and humans.



Whether the penalty was administered by a human or a computer, we will persevere to find a way past it and move forward.



The speed at which a page loads is a major factor in its search engine optimization.



Every issue is addressed, and we also do worldwide SEO launches.



When making a migration, experience is invaluable.



If you need assistance, a member of our marketing or search engine optimization team will be able to provide it.


All In One Package

Hire Shopify's leading SEO expert today to get noticed online!

There’s absolutely no promise of magic. I can’t promise that your website will be No. 1 for every keyword relating to your industry, but I will work extremely hard to get you there.


Why Choose Us

Boosting Your Shopify Store Google PageRank To The First Page

1. Initial meeting:

If you're prepared to put in the effort and resources, we can set up a meeting to discuss your project, business, goals, competition, and conduct a fundamental search engine optimization (SEO) audit of your website.

2. Initial setup and goals:

Knowing who you are and where you want to take your company is the first step. That is to say, it's the sole means of making worthwhile suggestions while keeping costs to a minimum.

3. Technical Audit:

Making sure your site is technically optimized for indexing, crawling, and interpretation is ground zero for any domain-level SEO strategy.

4. Opportunities

Have we got a firm grip on how consumers use search engines to locate services like ours? Before we can find openings, we need to know our market (via consumer and user research), our keywords (through keyword analysis), and our competition (by a SWOT analysis) (benchmark)

5. User and Keyword Research:

Find out who is looking for your product or service, where they are looking, and what they are typing into the search bar. Supporting our objectives for environmental presentation

6. Competence Benchmark:

When they aren't trying to outdo you online, what are individuals doing with their time? What strategies do they use? Which of their shortcomings do you find most noticeable? Exactly what is it that they excel at? The information will help to clarify the next steps.

7. Optimization:

Your online notoriety, in conjunction with the quality of your content,

8. Monitoring and reporting:

To maximize the effectiveness of the time you invest in hiring me, my internal working documents will double as real-time reporting.

9. Dominate The SERP

Get ranked on the first page for hundreds of keywords and pass your rivals in the rankings.

The Best Shopify Stores SEO Company and Expert


Work with us and we will get you the results you are expecting because we are proud to be the best shopify stores SEO agency  that can bring results and rank your website on the 1st page of Google with thousands of keywords


I am only 99% specialist in Shopify SEO

The capacity to focus on a certain area has provided me with unparalleled resilience and fortitude throughout my life. This is, beside my accessibility, what my former clients have cited as their favorite part about working with me.



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Our Business Value

Better than Fiver & Upwork

Don't waste your money on poor services from places like Fiverr and Upwork; hire me instead. I am an accomplished search engine optimization (SEO) professional and link builder who can assist you in accomplishing your objectives through tried and true means.

Awards Archivement

I've put in my time at a variety of businesses, and each time I've given my all. If there's any chance I won't be able to complete the work, I'll let you know before you pay me anything.

Fast & Perfect Work

I've put in a lot of time and effort at each of my previous jobs, so I know what it takes to get results in the business world. I promise to tell you if I can't do the job and pay you nothing if that happens.

Solid Team Work

I have assembled and educated a competent team, and we all pull together to ensure that our clients are satisfied, develop a lasting relationship with them, and assist them in realizing their goals.

Best Client Says

Some of our clients are ecstatic about the excellent outcomes they've seen thanks to our efforts, and we're confident you'll feel the same way about your brand once we've had a chance to work with it.

Money Back Guarante

Forget about it; we'll refund your money in full if our SEO services don't produce the desired results.

SEO Service Specialist

Hire the best SEO freelancer for Shopify eCommerce store to increase your website's organic traffic.

You have to spend thousands on advertising if you don’t have free organic traffic from SEO, but who wouldn’t want to get thousands of visitors per day who might turn into paying customers?


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Musah, a specialist in SEO, more than quadrupled our traffic and helped us achieve internet records. They are essential to our marketing."

Kevin Drew Fix Auto Canada

"Musah, an SEO guru, led record-breaking member and loan growth. They enhanced our Google rankings, boosted website traffic, and increased conversion rates."

Jonathan Leu Dentis in Toronto

Musah has been a valuable BTO Sports partner for a number of years. They have assisted us with SEO, social media, and conversion rate optimization, and we eagerly anticipate our weekly planning meetings."

Christine Brawn PTO Sports

I was searching on fiverr and upwork for seo experts who could help our company rank higher; I came across Abdulrazakmusah, an SEO expert; I played my card; I am very glad I did; he is honest and professional; he helped me and my team rank higher in the serp and still ranking for thousands of keywords.

Nathalie Kunz Zalando Germany
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    We Will Use Our Expertise To Rank You On Page1, No Shopify SEO Company or Consultant Can Do It Better Than US:

    Search Engine Optimization SEO

    Hoping to improve one’s position in search engine results SEO, or search engine optimization, is the method used to improve a website’s visibility in search results across many search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO is the “art” and “science” of improving a website’s visibility in search engines so that more people will visit the site via organic search results rather than banner adverts or other paid forms of promotion.


    Content Creation/Marketing

    We help businesses grow by acquiring and keeping a devoted following of customers through the development of content that is interesting, educational, and inspiring. Make sure that anything you post on your website or blog is written by you.


    Link Building

    Link building is essential for improving rankings in natural search results. Depending on the backlink profile of your competitors and the keywords they use to rank, your site will remain in the top five of Google’s search results, generating targeted visitors.



    The Best Reasons to Choose US for Your Shopify SEO Services

    experience and know how

    For the record, I am a highly result-oriented person. Thanks to my experience with numerous sites, I can enhance yours for both search engines and human readers.


    Second, I'm easy to work with since I'm a patient, open-minded communicator who is happy to clear up any misunderstandings.

    Affordable package

    I think my asking price is reasonable now. I charge fair rates for my services, so working with me won't cause you unnecessary financial strain.

    Sky-rocket your traffic

    I can help you get more visitors to your site, get more qualified leads, and close more deals.

    Know what works

    Since 2002, I've been able to establish myself as a leading SEO professional. Many of the clients I've helped achieve first-page rankings across the country.

    Outrank your competition

    I will pinpoint every facet of SEO that has to be tweaked, enhanced, etc., so that your site can start climbing the ranks immediately.

    Do you need serious SEO Company for Shopify Store?


    Stop Hiring Cheap SEO Freelancers on Fiverr and Upwork

    Numerous businesses and individuals hire freelancers from sites like Fiverr and Upwork to carry out their SEO initiatives since it is more cost-effective than employing a full-time SEO expert. In the short term, this strategy can help you save money, but in the long run, it may not be the greatest option.

    Freelancers who charge low rates add no value.
    There is no brand loyalty to low-priced, inexperienced freelancers, and over time they become toxic.


    We're industry-leading Shopify SEO experts for a reason.

    Shopify SEO, or search engine optimization, is a service aimed at raising a website’s organic search engine rankings for specific keywords. Examples of what might fall under this heading are code reviews, tweaks to existing pages, new content development, optimization of category and product pages, and more. The aim is to boost Shopify store sales by increasing organic website traffic.

    Changing the game with Shopify’s search engine optimization is a must. We have over a decade of experience managing hundreds of eCommerce SEO projects, increasing monthly online sales.


    A Shopify SEO Expert Must Include the Following Shopify SEO Services:

    • Custom Shopify SEO strategy
    • Code review and optimization
    • Shopify speed optimization
    • Content marketing and content creation
    • Internal link building
    • External link building campaign
    • eCommerce keyword research
    • Product optimization
    • Category Optimization
    • URL optimization & updates
    • Robust monthly SEO reports
    • Google Ads consulting focused on eCommerce sales
    • Conversion rate optimization
    • & much more


    Look for eCommerce SEO and Shopify SEO Experience

    Find an SEO service that specializes in eCommerce SEO campaigns and can implement it for Shopify. Though search engine optimization for online stores is similar to other forms of SEO, it has considerably greater stakes because every site visitor is potentially a customer. For online stores to rank well in search engine results pages (SERPs), they need to conduct extensive keyword research to uncover terms with eCommerce intent that will also convert once visitors reach the store’s checkout page. Although content marketing is essential for online shops, many SEO firms don’t do a good job of incorporating SEO strategies into broader content marketing initiatives.

    It’s also crucial to get a search engine optimization firm that is familiar with Shopify and can adapt to it. Although Shopify is intended for non-technical users, developers are still needed to make some SEO adjustments. Our experts in SEO developers and SEO specialists work together seamlessly, which is a significant benefit for our clients. We can cooperate with your in-house Shopify programmers as required. If you don’t, we have everything we need to make our SEO dreams a reality right here in-house.

    Turn Browsers to Buyers with SEO for Shopify

    Let’s say you’re out shopping and you come across a product that looks fantastic and is just what you’ve been searching for. You pick up the package and flip it over to inspect its contents; however, it contains nothing. This could be the same experience you’re providing to customers if you’re not employing professional Shopify SEO. This could lead to a high rate of page bounces and cart abandonment. Search engine optimization (SEO) targets your products toward the people who are most likely to buy them, based on the terms and keywords they use in online searches. With confidence, we can say that we are among the top Shopify SEO experts.